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As the Founder of In Tune Executive Coaching, my focus is on being an equal partner who will challenge you with empathy, in a confidential and safe environment, to evoke transformation. A relentless focus on helping you to clarify key goals for your own progression and for your team and organisation, requires deep listening and the asking of incisive, sometimes challenging, questions that help to forward your thinking. 

My coaching approach encompasses a range of tools and frameworks, including the key elements needed to create a thinking environment, understand the potential for self doubt or self sabotage, appreciate the personal transition needed when embracing new roles or responsibilities and promote the importance of trust-building as the foundation of highly functional teams and organisations.

I have a rare combination of coaching credentials and over 30 years of senior-level executive experience in law, investment banking, private equity and venture capital / early stage investing. 


I will help you to leverage your best self and navigate the journey with greater success and enjoyment along the way. 

Costas Kalisperas

CEO & Executive Coach

Rachael Hanley-Browne

Rachael Hanley-Browne


I am a specialist in international talent management, executive development, coaching and mentoring. I have built and led multi-disciplinary teams of consultants, psychologists and content designers at Harvey Nash PLC, Ashridge Business School, and the US Center for Creative Leadership. I am still an active leader as UK President of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). This part-time role involves leading over 100 volunteers and an employed operations team, chairing the board, and serving our almost 3000 individual and organisational members.

My clients include Chairs, CEOs, executives, and senior leaders. Clients describe me as commercially savvy, insightful, a lateral thinker, and challenging but empathetic. I enjoy working with clients who want to make an impact or drive change, be it as individuals, but more frequently through their leadership teams.

I am accredited as a Senior Practitioner with EMCC. I have an MA in Coaching and Mentoring Practice (2020) from Oxford Brookes University. I am a Registered Assessor with the British Psychological Society for psychometric testing, including Hogan.

John Quaile

John Quaile

I have held senior leadership positions at Citigroup, Unicredit and Société Générale over a 30-year investment banking career. The transition to coaching was driven by the fulfilment I get from working with others who are interested in making lasting and meaningful changes to the way they work and the impact they are having. My key to success is in building strong bonds with clients and by skilfully creating an environment that encourages critical thinking.

I draw on the extensive experience gained from a career in financial services and from the invaluable skills learnt from my training.
I enjoy working with people who have ambition, drive, a clear sense of personal trajectory and an interest in thinking creatively to achieve at the highest levels. I work with both senior leaders and individuals moving into a leadership position for the first

I am an accredited Practitioner with the European Mentoring & Coaching Council, an accredited Strengths Profile Practitioner and graduated from the Meyler Campbell Mastered Program.

Christine Scholes

Christine Scholes


I am an Executive Coach, focused on working with ambitious, successful leaders whose thirst for continual growth and development drives them. I work with executives in a collaborative, supportive, non judgmental, but respectfully challenging way, to help them see themselves more clearly and fully, to reach their personal and professional goals.

I have coached in dynamic and fast growing global organisations, the professional services and public sectors, who have common values in constantly developing their talent to continue to perform at the highest level.

I often use a framework called ”CRAVE”, which is
a simple aide memoire for discussion between executive and employer to prepare for an optimal coaching experience and return on investment for both clients. It addresses the Context, current Reality and Alignment between the executive and their employer and their respective Values and expectations of the coaching.

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