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Nick Pouzin
Director, Private Equity

“A personable


and an exceptional ability

a good dose of humour,

to anticipate


and personal concerns”



Using a range of coaching tools and frameworks, we tailor our sessions to leverage your strengths and help you find your own best answers.


Our empathetic approach, in a confidential and safe environment, evokes transformation by helping you uncover limiting assumptions to unleash bolder, more imaginative, thinking.


Deep listening and incisive questions to help clarify your goals and those of your teams,  align interests and improve accountability, commitment and a collective focus on results.


Relentless commitment to a positive psychology mindset and a belief in your natural resourcefulness that helps you to leverage your brilliance for greater success.

Our Approach

We coach executives, teams and organisations across a range of sectors to get the best out of each other.

Using a broad range of tools and frameworks, we will provide you with a new set of keys to unlock your aspirations. Our tools will show you the best ways to create thinking environments, and help you to build trust when embracing new roles and teams.

We will help you to navigate your personal journey, avoiding the pitfalls of self-doubt or insufficient self-awareness, so you can be your best self.


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