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Costas Kalisperas

“A personable


and an exceptional ability

a good dose of humour,

to anticipate


and personal concerns”

Nick Pouzin
Director, Private Equity



Using a range of coaching tools and frameworks,  I tailor our sessions to leverage your strengths and help you find your own best answers.


My empathetic approach, in a confidential and safe environment, evokes transformation by helping you uncover limiting assumptions to unleash bolder, more imaginative, thinking.


Deep listening and incisive questions to help clarify your goals and those of your teams,  align interests and improve accountability, commitment and a collective focus on results.


Relentless commitment to a positive psychology mindset and a belief in your natural resourcefulness that helps you to leverage your brilliance for greater success.

My Approach

I coach CEOs and other C-suite leaders, senior investment bankers,  private equity partners and investors, partners in law firms and other senior executives and entrepreneurs, their teams and organisations , as well as leaders at charities, NGOs, social enterprises and CICs.

I am a trusted partner who will support and challenge you, using a broad range of tools and frameworks,  to be your best self, build trust by creating thinking environments for your teams, and thus enjoy greater personal and collective success.

Leadership can be lonely.  Whether transitioning to a new leadership role within an organisation, joining a board or building a new team,  it is often difficult to share your vulnerabilities, concerns or frustrations with anyone internally.


Having a trusted coach partner who has had senior-level experience in investment banking, private equity, law, venture capital,  early stage investing and a range of advisory roles,  affords you the freedom to unlock your best thinking in a confidential environment and  to find strategies for addressing the challenges you are facing.

Focus & Ethos

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